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Hey MOOCs, Get Smarter

Mar 22, 2013
MOOC providers must have been singing along last week as the Democratic leader in the California State Senate introduced a measure that would require state-supported institutions to award credit for faculty-approved online courses taken by students unable to register...
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Where Stupidity is a Handicap

Mar 7, 2013
It was Napoleon who famously said "in politics, stupidity is not a handicap." This adage encapsulates much of what happens in Washington, DC, where a panoply of apolitical issues are bogged down in political gridlock. It's a natural result and desired goal of the...
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Value So Low, It Should Be Against the Law

Feb 20, 2013
In last week's State of the Union address, President Obama said he would ask Congress to change the Higher Education Act "so that affordability and value are included in determining which colleges receive certain types of federal aid."
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The Price isn't Right

Feb 8, 2013
"How should families think about college affordability?...
At many colleges, almost no one pays the sticker price."
- Chronicle of Higher Education

It has been over a year since the Occupy Wall Street movement flowed...
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Hype vs. Hope (San Jose State + Udacity vs. Linn State Technical College)

Jan 23, 2013
Never has so much been made by so many about so few.
Last week's announcement by Udacity and the California State University system that they would jointly develop remedial and introductory MOOCs, starting initially at San Jose State University, and offer them for...
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Harvard, Yale and the Future of For-Profit Universities

Jan 9, 2013
What makes American higher education exceptional? Most Americans would argue quality, which it turns out boils down to a discrete mix of readily quantifiable educational inputs like spending per student, and outputs relating to research, but not student outcomes. Beyond the top...
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Online Education Whitepaper

Dec 23, 2012
Since establishing University Ventures nearly two years ago, we have written and spoken on many aspects of higher education and online education in particular. With nearly...
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China's Elite Universities: Blackpool Before EasyJet

Dec 6, 2012
One of the great virtues of a liberal arts education is its demonstrated ability to prepare students for a multitude of different employment paths - not only later in life, but immediately upon graduation. My post-graduation decision matrix was particularly eclectic...
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The University is Not Flat

Nov 22, 2012
In his 2005 book The World is Flat, New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Thomas Friedman illuminated the new digital face of globalization, its results and discontents. Friedman's "flat-world platform" permits individuals and small groups to compete...
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Death of the Degree? Not So Fast

Nov 17, 2012
The death of the college degree - the standard signal for an educated adult for over a millennium - is foretold by the lions of Silicon Valley. Over the past year, the phenomenon known as massive open online courses (MOOCs) -- now being offered by elite universities like Stanford...
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