As the only investment firm focused exclusively on the global higher education sector, University Ventures is the partner of choice for colleges and universities and entrepreneurs interested in innovating from within.


UV has a clear view on the changes currently impacting colleges and universities and is able to help senior management and trustees focus on issues that will be core to the institution’s ability to fulfill its mission.


UV has the capital to assist colleges and universities to develop and implement innovative new programs and initiatives that will allow them to do a better job of fulfilling their mission and also generate important new revenue streams.


UV has a broad network of talented entrepreneurs and executives in higher education and relevant adjacent sectors interested in helping colleges and universities to harness and focus their resources.


UV’s network in global higher education spans continents, governments, regulators, accreditors and traditional colleges and universities. It also includes a broad range of companies providing products and services to the global higher education market. We pride ourselves on leading the market in terms of our connectivity and information.


UV shares best practices in functional areas like online pedagogy and andragogy, emerging technologies, distribution channels, enrollment, student support and partnering and working with traditional colleges and universities. Shared best practices allow UV companies and partner institutions to do a better job of serving students.

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